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Building Certainty™ Master Class for Construction Business Owners

In 2015, for the first time in its history, Dorian Group is making its proven strategies available in a group program. With our Building Certainty™ Master Class you will get to develop the skills that have proven so successful for our one-on-one clients. this program is for construction business owners (CBO) who have established but stagnant businesses and who want to grow. These CBOs are well beyond the basic business advice that is readily available through books, websites, workshops, and webinars and they are ready to make the transition from operational leader to strategic leader. The power of the group and the virtual format makes this program ideal for CBOs who need to “change the tire while the car is still driving down the highway.”

Is this you?

  • You have read the E-Myth and a library full of other books about business growth.
  • You have attended workshops and webinars to learn the secrets of successful business ownership.
  • You have joined peer groups-only to find out that you are already more advanced than the others in the group.

If you have “been there and done that,” then you need a level of strategic thinking, advice, and problem solving that is not commonly available through pre-packaged programs and best-selling books.

Building Certainty™ for construction business owners makes you an expert at good business decisions. Lead your business in the right direction. Keep your business moving forward without getting sidetracked. Generate results, increase value, and build momentum. Accelerate your business growth.

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