Fool Proof Executive™

Advanced Management Skills Training

Where Emerging Construction Leaders Come Together
to Become Experts in the Business of Construction

Expand Your Leadership & Management Skills
Shift to a Strategic Growth Mindset
Advance Your Role in Senior Management

IF you want to win a top leadership position in your company...
IF you want:

  • Certainty about your own long-term direction and value
  • Your stamp on your company’s future success
  • Compensation for contributing to your company’s profits…

IF you want to achieve the status and rewards of senior

THEN you must learn the secrets of effective, skilled, inspirational leaders.

Designed exclusively for emerging construction business leaders, the Fool Proof Executive ™ Program provides advanced management skills training with individual professional development planning.

You are an Emerging Leader:

You have been successful so far in project management, engineering, estimating, finance, or operations management. Now, your chief executive has made it clear that you have potential to become a senior executive, maybe even a future owner. Now that you have earned the confidence of the boss, their expectations of you will escalate rapidly. You need to keep up with your professional development.

You will need to do 3 things to move up from operational expert to senior executive:

  • Align yourself with your boss's values and thought processes
  • Navigate social changes, including challenges to your authority
  • Acquire strategic leadership skills

The Fool Proof Executive Program is Designed Exactly for You!

This program includes the training and support you will need to fulfill your future as a senior executive, partner, or business owner. It is a combination of leadership skills training and executive coaching to help you develop your own professional development career path. It has been created exactly to the specifications of construction business owners seeking to develop their next generation of leaders.

There are 2 Components of the Fool Proof Executive Program:

  • Part 1: Advanced Management Skills Training Online + Implementation Guidance
  • Part 2: Individual Professional Development Blueprint

Part 1: The Skills Training Intensive

Our custom-designed training program with lessons and support to develop the strategic leadership skills you will need for success. Sessions will be via videoconference and will be recorded for later use:

Unit 1: The Leadership Ascension Model

Asses your current leadership level and take the steps to move up

Unit 2: Alignment and Shared Values
Think like your boss thinks and understand what’s most important to them

Unit 3: Communication that Works
Listen competently, communicate clearly, and follow through consistently

Unit 4: Delegation for Results
How to choose what to delegate and make an effective hand-off every time

Unit 5:  Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
What to focus on for effective negotiation and how to control your conflict response

Unit 6: Making the Shift from Operational Expert to Strategic Leader
Stepping into your new role using everything you’ve learned

Part 2: Your Professional Development Blueprint

Once you have completed the Training Intensive, we will create a plan to help you apply and implement what you have learned.

You will work with Coach Ellen to develop your unique professional development blueprint using our proven process:

  • Identify your most valuable skills and character traits.
  • Identify what will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Define individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your professional growth.

Recap: The Fool Proof Executive Program Offers:

Intensive Management Training

  • Learn the skills you need to advance your career in senior management roles
  • Make the mental shift from operational expert to strategic leader

Expert Coaching, Training, and Resources

  • Advanced training on the Leadership Competencies you need to succeed
  • Q&A calls with Coach Ellen
  • Individual Professional Development Blueprint
  • Periodic progress reviews to plan next steps

24/7 Online Resources

  • Private online tracking & management system to keep you organized throughout the program
  • An extensive library of all training recordings plus articles, worksheets, and book recommendations

New Classes Starting Q2-2021.

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