When it’s not all good, ask for help

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The age old saying is often true, “it’s lonely at the top.” Does this resonate with you? Running your successful construction business is rewarding but the trade off is often a sense of isolation. This is why joining a peer group can be the perfect solution to increase productivity as well as the needed support from business experts and peers. This article does a great job delving into more around the sense of isolation many CBOs feel and our Mastermind Group is the perfect place to find many of the answers to your questions.

Check this article by Sean Percival

“When I first heard the news of Jody Sherman’s passing my heart sank. The news would later confirm my biggest fear—what I dreaded most. He had taken his own life.

Only a week earlier, a mutual friend had reconnected Jody and I. We had met once before and I had sat on a panel with him another time. We had done some co-marketing between our companies, but nothing major. Now it sounded as though he could use some additional help on the marketing side. I could understand that, knowing the ups and downs of an inventory-based business….” Read more