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Traditional recruiting and personnel practices don’t work when you are building the team that will eventually take over your business. You need to look for more than just good performers and loyal employees. Unfortunately, countless CEOs keep following the same old patterns, and ending up settling for a mediocre team that doesn’t advance anything.

There are 3 core areas where you need to devote your efforts if you want to harness the right talent to bring your company to the next level.

I can help with that.

Simply book a free, 30-minute, one-on-one Team Building Blueprint Call. We will pinpoint the 3 key leadership performance indicators that will make it faster and more effective for you to assemble the best leadership team for your company. Next, we’ll draw out 3 simple steps to set you on right track. Then, if you want more help I will tell you how to get it. From this one brief call you will get much more clarity about what to look for as you build your top notch team. 

If you feel like this might be right for you, let's talk.

"I highly recommend Ellen to any business owner struggling to build a management team. She helped me see beyond my blind spots where I had gone wrong before. Working with Ellen was very different from other consultants I’ve hired. She didn’t swoop in as the “expert.” Instead, she helped me learn how to get a more accurate “read” on people and choose the ones who filled in what was missing in my own abilities. Now, I have full faith that my company will continue to grow and provide financial security for me and for my team."

Joe F. Owner of a design/build commercial construction business

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