5 Chaos Factors That Destroy Business Growth


If you own a business and you feel out of control, you are not alone. Many business owners like you and me get to the end of our week without having accomplished what we set out to do at the beginning. We worry that we're not doing the right things to move our businesses in the direction we desire. And, we become consumed by work to the point where it damages our personal relationships.

I am Ellen Dorian and I can help you take control and build certainty in both your business and personal life. For over 15 years, I have helped my clients develop the key disciplines, that allow them to transform their business, achieve success on their own terms, and generate sustained value that they can sell or pass down in the future—all without sacrificing their personal relationships.

In the course of my work with clients I have identified common patterns that kill businesses. My report, 5 Chaos Factors that Destroy Business Growth, identifies these patterns, explains why they happen and helps you recognize the ones that are having the most negative impact on your business.

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