V I T A L Signs Assessment™

V I T A L Signs Assessment™

You know you need to adapt your business to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Yet, can you devote sufficient time and focus away from your day-to-day responsibilities to develop your next steps with clarity? Are the right people in place to help you realize your vision? At the Dorian Group we’ve developed a program that targets key business areas and helps form the basis for your growth strategy.

This program will put you on the path to reach your goals, and will confirm that you are focused on the right priorities. Our unbreakable promise to you is that you’ll benefit as early as your first consultation with us, when we engage you in our V I T A L Signs Assessment™.

What to expect from the V I T A L Signs Assessment™

The V I T A L Signs Assessment™ program is designed to give business owners and managers significant flexibility addressing their key business challenges. The program typically runs four to six weeks in as many as six half-day sessions.

Big Picture Review

This is an introductory session with all four practice leaders who will address the five key attributes of successful businesses. You will then receive a written executive summary.

Operational Review Sessions

These sessions go into depth in the operational areas that were identified during the big picture review and executive summary. These sessions are generally conducted by two practice leaders.

Results and Recommendations

We synthesize all the research done on your behalf and present our analysis and findings to you, including practical recommendations for actions in your key business areas. Each client engagement is carefully tailored to your business needs: you may need guidance in just one area, or more. Our program’s flexibility allows us to deliver extraordinary value in just six weeks, and we’ll prove it to you in the first session.

Next Steps

It does not end after the V I T A L Signs Assessment™. We’ll be there to support you and the needs of your business as you implement the recommendations and continue to make critical decisions and changes.