At Dorian Group we engage clients who are “experts” with specialized knowledge and years of experience in a particular field. Yet, they face new challenges when translating that knowledge into operating their own business. We guide you through a process that combines your experience with our business and leadership development expertise to help you succeed.

Our Process

Clear Vision

  • Define your terms of success
  • Understand yourself and the people around you
  • Develop critical insights
  • Pinpoint your unique value
  • Identify long and short term goals

Focused Action

  • Set your direction
  • Find the right strategy
  • Develop a plan
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Line up resources and partnerships

Extraordinary Results

  • Increase revenues and profits
  • Close more business
  • Foster greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Create a leadership culture
  • Achieve a lasting legacy

Our Services

Leadership Coaching for Business Owners & Executives

Individual coaching addressing the specific strategies and qualities of successful leadership. Clients typically explore approaches to effective communication, innovation, time management, balancing risk with reward, and developing others. Through coaching you can be better prepared to produce an enduring business vision, well-defined goals, and a culture of accountability at every level of your organization.

V I T A L Signs Assessment™

Value | Innovation | Timeliness | Adaptability | Leadership

A comprehensive review and evaluation of your business vision and your key operational functions. This program will help form the basis for your growth strategy. It will put you on a path to reach your goals, and will confirm that you are focusing on the right priorities.

The V I T A L Signs Assessment™ program is designed to give business owners and managers clarity about their priorities as well as significant flexibility in addressing their key business challenges. Our unbreakable promise to you is that you’ll benefit as early as your first consultation when we engage you in our V I T A L Signs Assessment™ .

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Facilitated strategic planning ensures that you are well positioned to achieve exceptional outcomes. We bring the skill of impartiality to your planning process, helping you develop objectives and devise an agenda, keeping you focused and on track. As you implement your plan, we help you measure milestones, evaluate effectiveness and identify adjustments to sustain long term success.

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